Frequently Asked Questions

​​How is mobile grooming different?

With Bow WOW! mobile grooming, you never need to leave the house!  We come to you!  We drive our fully equipped, self contained van to your home or workplace providing you and your pet a convenient, stress-free grooming experience.  The van is equipped with hot and cold water, electricity, a stainless steel tub that can handle a 400+ lb dog, blow dryers, and everything else needed to groom your special dog.  We do not require any hookups to water or electricity!

What are the benefits of mobile grooming?

There are many benefits associated with mobile grooming, including:

  • Stress less environment - No longer worry about your pet's separation anxiety; your pet stays at home.
  • Standing appointments encouraged - Your pet will be well groomed on a regular basis.
  • One-on-one personal service for you and your pet - Get the personal attention you and your pet deserve.
  • One to two hour service at your home - You do not have to waste your day with 2-4 trips to the salon.
  • Your pet is never put in a crate - Don't worry about your pet's comfort.
  • No cage drying!  Your pet receives a healthy experience with a premium on their safety.
  • No more travel challenges with elderly or disabled pets.
  • Hand scissoring and groomed to breed standards - Quality is our priority not quantity.
  • Clean, sanitary, professional environment - Keep your pet safe and healthy.
  • Jetted hydro massage (Super Sudser) - your pet will be pampered in luxury.
  • Eliminates exposure to other animals - Your pet will remain in good health in a low stress environment.
  • Eliminates car transportation - Don't worry about car sickness or travel time.
  • AM and PM appointments at your home or office - Service is accommodating to your schedule.

How do I set up an appointment?

Bow WOW! offers three simple choices for setting up an appointment:

  1. Call/text Diane, our scheduling coordinator @ 412-522-3229 and she will answer your questions and get you set up with an appointment.
  2. If you are a new client the fastest way to get an appointment is to create a customer profile by clicking here: Bow WOW! New Client Appointment which puts you in queue for the next possible appointment in your area. In the "SPECIAL NOTES" section of the profile, It is extremely helpful to please note your availability, preferred grooming frequency, desired service, and approximate date of your pet's last groom. 

  3. If you are a current client and prefer to request an appointment via email, click <HERE>.

What services does BowWOW! Mobile Bath & Grooming offer?

Please visit our "Services & Pricing" page to get full descriptions on all services we offer.

Do you only groom dogs?

Yes, at this time we only groom dogs.

Do I need to be home to get my dog groomed?

We require the dog parents to be home for the first grooming.  After the first grooming, for many of our customers, we offer latch key services and payment options.

Do you groom puppies?

Yes!  Puppies usually require only a bath and brush until they grow into their full coat of hair.  Please call us and we can discuss a great approach to your puppies grooming needs.

Can I be with my dog while you groom?

We do not allow dog parents to be with their dog during the grooming process.  We have learned that dogs can get distracted by their parents and this also interferes with the forming of a trusting relationship between the dog and the groomer.  We do offer a tour of the van to dog parents interested in understanding the process and feeling comfortable with the top quality tools used in our services.

We have a strict "NO KNOCK POLICY". We ask that owners/family members do not knock on the van door while your dog is being groomed. This distracts the groomer from providing undivided attention to your dog, and more importantly, a startled dog and grooming tools can make for a dangerous combination.  Barring an emergency situation requiring you to interrupt the grooming process, please discuss all pertinent grooming issues prior to the start of or after completion of your dog's groom. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We work hard to make Bow WOW! Mobile Bath and Grooming the most convenient, customized, and stress-free experience for you and your pooch. Scheduled appointments are reserved specifically for you. Last-minute cancellations make it very difficult for us to provide that preferential service for every customer, so we require a 48-hour cancellation notice.  If your appointment is not cancelled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed. We do make exceptions for unforeseen emergencies and pet illnesses. Outside of those parameters, there is a $50 cancellation fee per dog added to the next appointment for appointments cancelled without a 48-hour notice. After two appointments cancelled without a 48 hour cancellation notice, a credit/debit non-refundable pre-payment will be required to reserve an appointment.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Bow Wow! Mobile Bath and Grooming accepts cash, check, debit, and credit as payment for grooming services. There will be a $25 Returned Check Fee to cover bank fees incurred from a "Non-Sufficient Fund" (NSF) check. After a NSF check is received from a customer, only cash, debit, or credit will be acceptable forms of payment for future grooms. We also offer the option to securely store a credit card on file with our credit card processor, Heartland. 

Will you groom my aggressive dog?

We do not groom dog's that are overly aggressive.  Safety is our top concern and strive to provide a convenient, high quality grooming experience for friendly dog's of all breeds.  That being said, we have experienced many dogs who were told they were banned from other groom shops or that they needed to be sedated to be groomed.  What we have found is that in most instances, the absence of other dogs and very loss stress environment allows your dog to be groomed successfully. Please communicate your dog's past experience and your concerns and we can discuss approaches that may result in a successful grooming experience. 

​Will you groom my sedated dog?

No. Sedated animals can experience adverse reactions to the sedation, exhibit unpredictable behavior while sedated, and ultimately pose a risk to their own safety as well as that of the groomer. In our experience, a veterinarian supervised sedated groom is the safest option for a pet that requires sedation for grooming because they are best equipped to handle any sedation complications. 

Can you provide an exact time that you will arrive to groom my dog?

While we strive to arrive at your confirmed appointment time, there are many unforeseeable scenarios that can occur in grooming (especially mobile grooming) such as pet behavior, condition of pet's fur, injured or aged pet that require unexpected additional time, inclement weather, and road construction/traffic, mechanical issues, for example, that are not within our control. Because of this, please expect an arrival within a two-hour window of your scheduled time to account for unexpected delays. For example, if your confirmed appointment time is for 1pm, your appointment window is for 12-2pm. During the winter months, the appointment window may be expanded due to weather conditions and local school delays and closings. The groomer will call or text to communicate any delay outside of that window. If you are finding that you unexpectedly cannot be available for the entirety of the appointment window, please reach out to us to set up a Plan B latch-key option. If the groomer arrives and no one is present for the groom appointment (and Plan B has not been arranged) additional fees will apply for the additional time.