We have now been given the “Yellow light” for our region from Gov. Wolf! We will begin to reschedule starting May 15th, taking into consideration dogs that were the first to be cancelled as well as dogs that are prone to matting (triage.) That being said, everybody/every dog is important to us and we will be getting to everybody as soon as humanly possible.
In preparation for that, our procedures for scheduling, pickup, and checkout have changed to comply with the CDC guidelines and we need to ensure your cooperation in order to resume grooming your pup. 

As I said above, we want to get everybody rescheduled as soon as humanly possible. That will require three important things- 

1. Patience, as we attempt to get everybody back on. 
2. A quick turnaround with an answer for pre-confirmations/appointment window confirmations. 
3. Acceptance/compliance of our new procedures for pickup and check out. 

The new procedures will ensure that we will be compliant with the CDC guidelines, but more importantly, do everything in our power to protect the health of our customers, their pets, and our employees. 



Once the shut-down mandate is lifted, Kris will be reaching out with the date we have your appointment penciled in for. We usually have plenty of time to hear back from you, but not when we are trying to make up for 7 (or more) shut-down weeks. So, we will give a 2 hour window to hear back from the pre-confirmation text. If you cannot get back to us in that time, we will offer the spot to the next customer and will offer you the next available spot. Let us know if you need to give us an alternate number (because you might be at work--- but maybe another family member has flexible access to their cell phone.) Part of our “humanly possible” is maintaining a full schedule without gaps. (Text/call/email- the contact info at the bottom.) 

***If you found it necessary/possible to have your dog groomed somewhere else during the shutdown, THERE ARE NO HARD FEELINGS! Please just let us know IF/WHEN you would like to resume your regular grooming frequency.

Like usual, once pre-confirmations are made, Kris will route the vans and give you an arrival window. 

***When confirming your appointment, you will be prompted to accept these new procedures along with your confirmation. 

Our 2-hour arrival window will remain the same. The groomer will reach out if they encounter anything that would cause us to be delayed outside of that window due to the challenges we may face from dogs being well past their scheduled grooms back in March.

The cancellation policy will remain 48 hours but we will make an exception IF you are experiencing symptoms of illness. We will be happy to reschedule you when you are symptom free. (Please, please, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we do not incur costs driving to your home unnecessarily.) 

We will not enter your home as we usually have in the past. While we love to feel so welcome at each visit, we now will take a hand-off of your pet outside your home. 

Every customer must wear a mask during handoff (as will the groomer be wearing one.) This will protect you and the groomers and is required by the CDC.

Every dog must be on a leash. *** We will place our slip lead on your dog, you will then need to remove your collar and leash. When we return your dog back after the groom, you can put your collar/leash back on and we will remove our slip lead. We will have a fresh/sanitized lead for each dog scheduled on each day. 

If you are a latch-key customer, we can continue to enter your home and provide latch- key service for your convenience. *** Containing/confining your dog to a particular area would be ideal! 

Credit card: 
We’ve worked with our credit card vendor, Heartland, to update our payment process to be “contactless”. (We won’t need your card or your signature.) 

Instead, when we are finished with the groom, we will send you an active invoice through text or email (you let us know which one is best) and you will need to open the email/text during checkout and pay the invoice at the time of checkout. 

Stored Card: If you have used our stored card service (provided securely through Heartland), we can continue invoicing you in our system and charging the card that you have on file with us. Let us know if you prefer this over the active invoice process described above and Kris can get you set up in the Heartland system. (Once your card is entered, we can only then see the last 4 digits and Heartland securely stores the card for future groom payments.)

Please put all cash or check payments in an envelope or baggie. 

We understand that a considerable amount of time has passed since your dog’s last groom and that we may encounter some matting where we haven’t in the past. This may require that we take your dog shorter than we usually do. Severe matting still may incur additional fees due the additional time that it will take to safely groom your dog. Consideration will be made that this situation was out of all of our control.

Ok, so I realize this may seem like a lot---tough times call for tough measures. Please, if you have any questions or need clarification, reach out to us and we will get back to you with more explanation! Also, to reiterate, these are for the safety of our customers, their pets, and our groomers. We want us all to remain healthy so that we can keep these pups in tip-top shape so that they feel and look their best. 

Can’t wait to see you and your pups soon!

With Regard,
Shauna Caudill
Phone: 412-522-3229
Email: info@bowwowgroom.com